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What the Teachers Said...

"Each year group worked with Lee in an informal, fun and creative workshop, discussing various creatures who learn how to overcome their fears and worries, which the children (and adults!) loved and found engaging.

The children’s story ideas and drawings were then transformed into our school’s very own professionally illustrated and printed children’s picture book."

Mrs L Smith - Batchley First School, Redditch.
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It's easy, fun, educational and can help raise money for YOUR school...

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AUTHOR VISIT (from Lee!)

“Shhhh! Quiet please, children! Today we’re going to have lots of fun with a special visitor who’s going to help us write our very own picture book.”

“What?” said Deepak. “A REAL picture book?”

“Yes, children, we’re going to write a REAL PICTURE BOOK! A REAL one! And it’s going to be published! And it will be called ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

“Whoa! Can there be an alien with superpowers?” asked Deepak.

“Can there be a giant robot who supports Aston Villa?” screamed Harry.

“Can there be a rabbit in a helicopter who flies around the whole world?” yelled Olivia.

“Ummmm… Those are brilliant ideas,” smiled the teacher. “But we’ve all got to think about different kinds of animals or creatures who need our help. These creatures want to achieve something special in their lives but they just don’t think they’re good enough. So, we need to help our creatures overcome their fears.”

“Oh…” said Deepak, thinking.

“I’ll give you some examples from another school’s brilliant book,” said the teacher. “Look, this story is about a monster who wants to be a pilot but is scared of heights. And here’s a dragon who wants to be a fireman but he’s frightened of fire.”

“Ooh, can I be a girl who wants to be a mermaid but I’m scared of swimming?” asked Olivia.

“Whoa, can I be a footballer who’s a shark but I keep eating all the other players?” screamed Harry.

“I want to be a stingray astronaut,” said Deepak, “who swims through outer space, but I’m frightened of losing my way.”

“Calm down, children! CALM DOWN!” said the teacher. “Now, this is Lee and he’s going to help you write your brilliant stories in our very own picture book. I’m sure it’s going to be out of this world! So, over to you, Lee… Phew!”

Lee Harrison is the author of the brilliant Wee Wurri and The Woolly Hat of Power children’s picture book series about a little alien who shows children the REAL POWER of SELF-BELIEF, and helps them to understand that anything is possible if you believe in yourself!


After the Author Workshop, the children focus on their character designs. Lee will use the children’s drawings and ideas as a basis when producing professional illustrations for the finished book.

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This is where Lee turns the children’s story ideas and drawings into a REAL picture book with the help of writer Pat Sumner and her editing and proofreading business, Cilan. Next, the picture book is printed and published by Brave Little Books.

Soon your school’s VERY OWN picture book will be ready! You can use it for fundraising purposes or just for spreading a little joy among the children and parents.

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£250 for one day (for a book of 5 stories)

ONLY £2.00 per book (minimum order 200 books)

Recommended resale price between £5-10

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